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Foreign Policy Association Lecture at Baruch College, CUNY

Ambassador Gheewhan Kim, the Consul General of the Republic of Korea, lectured on the geo-political and economic affairs of Northeast Asia at Baruch College as a part of the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions Lecture Series on January 29, 2016. 

Ambassador Kim discussed topics such as the United State’s rebalance policies toward Asia, North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement. He emphasized that Korea and the United States have been working together to face these issues through strong global partnership.

In response to questions raised by the audience, the ambassador elaborated on North Korean regime and the role of China. He talked about how Kim Jong-un has purged top military officials, including his uncle, to solidify his power – both politically and militarily. He also noted how the regime isolates the North Korean people by controlling access to information. China has a big role in bringing North Korea to the negotiation table; and Korea continues to improve its relationship with China so that the two countries can cooperate on issues regarding North Korea.

This event is featured as a part of “A Korea in New York,” as it aligns with the purpose of the initiative by the Korean Consulate.

“A Korea in New York” is our collective slogan for 2016 that encompasses our aims to promote Korean contents to the communities in New York and the surrounding areas. We want to proactively share these elements in a way that best contributes and gives back to our neighboring communities as well as the entire US.

“A Korea in New York” means:  

1. Promoting ONE IMAGE of Korea through partnerships.

2. BRINGING KOREA CLOSER to New Yorkers and beyond by vitalizing Korean culture in the United States, facilitating community cooperation, and creating shared values.

3. Sharing an AUTHENTIC, YET CREATIVE Korea, maintaining tradition while embracing new creative fields; creation of a set of best practices to be used and spread globally.